Monday, June 28, 2010

"When we were introduced to Archie Bell, he said 'Hey, what's happening, ain't nothing to it' in one breath. Later, we learned that is his favorite way of greeting people. We focussed on Archie Bell, because the Drells deferred to him, and because, while the Drells wore a collection of patchwork-denim and polyester outfits, Archie Bell was wearing a smart-looking leisure suit. It was beige, with deep brown stripes running down the pants legs, and the jacket had darts and tucks that made it fit snugly. After telling us how glad he was to be in New York, he said, 'I would like to mention that we have one of the finest tailors in the country. He's from Houston, Texas, and his name is Johnny Burton. He made this suit I am wearing and he made the suits we are wearing on the album cover-the ones with the little bells all over them.' "

from Bells and Drells, by Jamaica Kincaid
a Talk of the Town story from The New Yorker, circa 1976

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