Saturday, June 19, 2010

" 'This afternoon,' observed Mrs Smiling, leading the way to lunch, 'I think we will go to a flick. Give Sneller those; he will post them for you.'

'No...I think I will post them myself,' said Flora, jealously.'Did you get the brassiere, darling?'
A shadow fell on Mrs Smiling's face.
'No. It was no use to me. It was just a variation on the "Venus" design made by Waber Brothers in 1938; it had three elastic sections in front, instead of two, as I hoped, and I have it already in my collection. I only saw it from the car as I drove past, you know; I was mislead by the way it was folded as it hung in the window. The third section was folded back, so that it looked as though there were only two.'
'And would that have made it more rare?'

'But naturally, Flora. Two section brassieres are extremely rare: I intended to buy it- but, of course, it was useless.' "

from Cold Comfort Farm, by Stella Gibbons

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