Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Perhaps the most spectacular single piece and story belong to Mary Ann Schildnecht. While serving a two-year jail sentence in Milan on a hashish-smuggling charge, Mary Ann was taught to embroider by the nuns. One day she decided to embroider a whole shirt so she tore her bed sheets into pieces of the right size and started at the sun. She then worked to the left side-the sky, the trees, the forest scene, the Road to the Sun. 'That's fine and dandy,' she thought, 'but I need a house. It might as well be a castle for parties and...the hole in the other sleeve is for a transfusion if I ever need one, the peacock on the back is because we need animals, and the psychedelic sleeve is because I didn't want to think.'"

-from Native Funk and Flash, by Alexandra Jacopetti with Photographs by Jerry Wainright
published in 1974

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